B series(Bluetooth)

DO NOT remove the plastic bag unless you want to connect the USB to the computer for final readings.

How to start the device?

  1. Configuration (optional), you can use the Cydiance app to configure the logger before starting the device. However, this step is not a must; you can skip this step to use the default settings.

  2. Press the button for 5 seconds until both LEDs light up, it indicates that the device is on; You may also start the device directly from the App while connected.

  3. The BLUE LED will blink twice every 2 seconds for the first 30 minutes, indicating that the logger is working;

  4. The LED will stop blinking after the first 30 minutes. However, you can press the button again to check if the device is working.

  5. While the device is working, press the button once; the BLUE LED will illuminate for 1 second, indicating that a MARK has been successfully made. You can make 8 MARKS in total.

  6. The device will not stop before it reaches the data limit.

How to deploy the device?

You can always place the device where you want, however, there are some principles to have a better performance of it.

  1. Put it on the last pallet, where temperature accident occurs more often;

  2. Place the device on the top part of the pallet if you care about the temperature exceeding the upper threshold(too hot);

  3. Place the device on the lower part of the pallet if you care about the temperature exceeding the lower threshold(too cold);

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